Stories from the War on Homosexuality

The Arthur Dong Collection, Vol. 1

3-DVD Set

For the first time, digitally re-mastered DVDs of Coming Out Under Fire, Family Fundamentals, and Licensed to Kill are available together in Stories From the War on Homosexuality: The Arthur Dong Collection, Vol. 1. The collection has over 4 hours of additional material and bonus features, including more than 2 hours of previously unreleased footage, viewer guides for each title, and much more. Packaged in a specially designed Collector’s Edition box priced at a savings over individual purchase of each DVD.

Special Features

Stories from the War on Homosexuality-DVD-box
  • Over 4 hours of bonus material, including more than 2 hours of previously unreleased footage
  • Illustrated viewer guides for each film, with essays by award-winning author/journalist, Chris Bull, Washington correspondent for the Advocate
  • 11 previously unreleased interviews, plus interviews with the filmmaker
  • 10 deleted and extended scenes
  • Music selections from each film, plus composers’ biographies and comments
  • Original full-length theatrical versions, digitally re-mastered
  • Historical documents and timelines

Back jacket introduction: “From one of America’s best documentary filmmakers, Arthur Dong’s collection is a must-have for anyone interested in contemporary storytelling. Like master filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, Dong explores culture and institutions – the military (Coming Out Under Fire), hate violence (Licensed to Kill), and religion (Family Fundamentals) – to dramatically reveal the social consequences of individual actions in America’s 20th century Culture Wars over gay and lesbian issues. With rare insight and intelligence, Dong’s versatility deftly combines the personal and the political to weave passionate forays into the hearts and minds of his subjects. Dong’s ultimate subjects, though, are his audiences ­– now numbering in the millions – and his real search is for common ground across difference; an inspiration for any one of us.”

—Cara Mertes, Executive Director, P.O.V. (2003)