Family Fundamentals: Brett Mathews Remembered

Brett Mathews passed away suddenly on August 24, 2021. He’s pictured above on the far right, with Brian Bennett in the middle, at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Family Fundamentals. The documentary profiled conservative Christian families with LGBTQ kids and profiled both in the film. Read more about Brett in the Salt Lake Tribune feature story that chronicled his struggle for family acceptance and his stance against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Forbidden City, USA Re-Mix

Sound specialist Joe Milner of Puget Sound re-mixed Arthur Dong’s landmark film Forbidden City, USA during a virtual session under the filmmaker’s supervision. In lieu of re-newing costly music licenses, cues were extracted via digital audio isolation while retaining the dialogue, and new music was laid. The film was digitally restored in 2015 by UCLA Film and Television Archive from original negatives. Read more about Dong’s entire film and video collection at UCLA FTVA here.

Sewing Woman Restoration

Arthur Dong’s Oscar@-nominated film Sewing Woman is undergoing a 4K digital restoration by UCLA Film and Television Archive. Pictured is colorist and digital lab manager Randy Yantek at the archive’s Santa Clarita facilities. Read more about Dong’s entire film and video collection at UCLA FTVA here.

KTLA: Hollywood Chinese & Anna May Wong

KTLA TV Morning News featured Arthur Dong discussing his book Hollywood Chinese, Anna May Wong and his Hollywood Chinese exhibit at the Formosa Cafe. Watch the three mini-segments streaming online here.

New Book-in-Development

American Book Award-winning author and Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Arthur Dong has begun work on his newest book Grandview Films: Cinematic Crossings with Joseph Sunn Jue (working title). This lushly illustrated publication will be Dong’s third in a trilogy of coffee table books that showcase the visual history and little-known stories of Chinese Americans in the arts.

Photo: On the set of The Twelve Wives (1937, Grandview Film Company). From left, actress Nancy Chan Wan-Seung, producer Joseph Sunn Jue, and actress Lam Mui-Mui.

Family Pictures USA: LGBTQ History Month

Family Pictures, USA celebrated LGBTQ History Month with a virtual photo-share, featuring host Thomas Allen Harris, photographer Lola Flash, performer Justin Clapp, author and filmmaker Arthur Dong, filmmaker Jennie Livingston (Paris is Burning), and theater artist Christina Quintana. Originally broadcast on October 26, 2020, the event is streaming online here.

Remembering a Pioneer Gay Filmmaker

Artie Bressan (1943-1987), pioneer gay filmmaker

Arthur Dong was invited by The Bressan Project to write a remembrance for pioneer gay filmmaker, Artie Bressan, in commemoration of his death on July 29, 1987. Bressan worked in the 1970s and ’80s, and is best known for his drama, Buddies (1985), the first feature film about AIDS, and Gay USA (1977), one of the earliest documentaries by and about LGBT people. For more information visit The Bressan Project. To read Arthur’s essay, visit The Bressan Project website or click here.

Hollywood Chinese Virtual Debut

Janet Yang moderated a “Hollywood Chinese” virtual book talk with writer Arthur Dong.

Book talks for Hollywood Chinese resumed after a series of postponed engagements due to Covid-19 restrictions. On July 5, 2020, the Los Angeles-based Chinese American Museum and moderator Janet Yang hosted writer Arthur Dong for his inaugural virtual presentation. Some 350 guests from around the world tuned in, which resulted in over 100 online book sales.