IMDB Salute

The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor (dir. Arthur Dong, 2015) is featured in IMDB’s tribute to cinematic history and Asian Pacific American filmmakers and their visionary work.

Top Picks

AARP and Rotten Tomatoes selected Hollywood Chinese as one of their top Asian American films. AARP writes: “In Hollywood Chinese, Dong takes an epic sweep of the history of Chinese in Hollywood.” Rotten Tomatoes explains: “These films are milestones in what has been a long, continuous journey to be seen and heard in theaters and at home, and we celebrate those contemporary hits and everything else that has come before them with the 60 Best Asian-American Movies.”

Heartthrob: Forbidden City, USA

Pacific Arts Movement has compiled a playlist of films that prove “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been dunking on American history for over a century.” Forbidden City, USA (dir. Arthur Dong, 1989) is named a “heartthrob” story in their “Up to the 1950s” line-up. Complete playlist HERE.

Yellow Peril’s Revenge

Filmmaker and author Arthur Dong kicked off UCLA’s “Yellow Peril’s Revenge: Asian American Independent Cinema” lecture/screening series on April 8, 2020. With Covid-19 Safer-at-Home directives in place, the session was conducted via Zoom, as illustrated below by Angel Trazo, one of some 60 students who logged in.

Film Quarterly: Asian American Film at 50

Filmmaker Arthur Dong’s pioneering work over the past forty years was featured in the Spring issue of Film Quarterly in their special dossier on Asian American film. Download and read Dong’s interview by Oliver Wang here.

Covid-19 Cancellations

Due to Covid-19 pre-cautions and regulations, our Spring 2020 Hollywood Chinese book events scheduled for March, April, and May have been cancelled. We hope to re-book these events in the future.

Screening Reality

Screening Reality: How Documentary Filmmakers Re-imagined America, Jon Wilkman’s comprehensive book chronicling the history of documentaries, included a profile and discussion on Arthur Dong’s films that covered Asian American and LGBTQ stories. In her review of the book for Documentary Magazine, Cynthia Close notes: “The fearless portrayals of the LGTBQ community from Marlon T. Riggs and Arthur Dong are yet another example of the growing acceptance of certain subjects unheard of in the not-so-distant past.” Pictured below is a page from the book featuring Dong and cinematographer Stephen Lighthill on the set of Coming Out Under Fire.

Hollywood Chinese Top Pick

Advocate Magazine selected Hollywood Chinese as one of “5 Books to Read on World AIDS Day” 2019. Diane Anderson-Minshall writes: “Gay author and filmmaker Arthur Dong had two amazing ’90s LGBTQ documentaries, Coming Out Under Fire and Licensed to Kill. His latest project delves into the treatment and portrayal of Chinese people in American film. The book, Hollywood Chinese, takes an honest and intimate look at the Chinese influence in Hollywood.”

Formosa Cafe Celebrates Hollywood Chinese

West Hollywood’s legendary Formosa Cafe celebrated the launch of Arthur Dong’s new book Hollywood Chinese on October 22, 2019. Friends and colleagues partied at the Yee Mee Loo dining room where Arthur’s exhibition on the Chinese in Hollywood was on display. Pictured with Arthur are his publishers Scott McCauley and Paddy Calistro of Angel City Press. Photo by O.C. Lee. See more party photos here.

San Francisco Launch: Hollywood Chinese

Journalist Ben Fong-Torres conducted a spirited on-stage conversation with author Arthur Dong at the San Francisco Hollywood Chinese book launch. Presented by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) on October 20, 2019, a standing-room-only audience of 250+ filled the Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Public Library. Photo by Frank Jang. See more event photos here.