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The Arthur Dong Catalogue

Arthur-Dong-Catalogue-75dpi-1DeepFocus Productions is please to present The Arthur Dong Catalogue, an illustrated brochure listing Dong’s awarding-winning films for sale.

Learn more about the new DVD releases, Stories from Chinese America: the Arthur Dong Collection, Vol. 2 and A Toisan Trilogy. The full-color, 4-page publication also features details on the new 2-disc Hollywood Chinese Collector’s Edition DVD, as well as the popular Forbidden City, U.S.A. and Dong’s first box-set, Stories from the War on Homosexuality: the Arthur Dong Collection, Vol. 1.

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Forbidden City, U.S.A.: The Exhibition And Book

Tai-Sings-Wilbur-Mai-elegant-FCC-wmThe San Francisco Main Public Library has scheduled a new exhibition that will show the phenomena and glamour of Chinese American nightclubs, ca. 1936-1965. The idea was inspired by the documentary, Forbidden City, U.S.A, and will be curated by filmmaker Arthur Dong, who will showcase pieces from his extensive epherma collection that stemmed from his research on the subject. A lavish, fully illustrated companion book will also be published. The exhibition and publication are slated for April 2014.

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Asian Connections Interview With Arthur Dong

Asian-connections-logoReporter Suzanne Kai caught up with director Arthur Dong to discuss his new projects and the filmmaking craft. Read the full interview.