Hollywood Chinese: Table of Contents

Foreword by Randy Haberkamp

Preface by Arthur Dong

Introduction by Arthur Dong


Chapter 1: Hollywood Chinatown

Chapter 2: Fu Manchu

Playing Fu Manchu: Interview with Christopher Lee

The Daughter of Fu Manchu: Interview with Tsai Chin

Chapter 3: Charlie Chan

Chapter 4: The Good Earth

Finding O-Lan: Interview with Luise Rainer

Chapter 5: Yellowface

Personal Reflections by:

Amy Tan

B.D. Wong

David Henry Hwang

James Hong

Nancy Kwan

Turhan Bey

Wayne Wang

Chapter 6: Some Real Chinese


Anna May Wong

Barbara Jean Wong

Benson Fong

Beulah Quo

Bruce Lee

Chester Gan

Eddie Lee

H.T. Tsiang

Honorable Wu

James Hong

Keye Luke

Lady Tsen Mei

Lee Tung Foo

Marianne Quon/Lai Yee


Richard Loo

Soo Yong

Spencer Chan

Victor Sen Yung

Weaver Levy

Willie Fung

Chapter 7: The Saviors

I’m Going to Be Saved: Interview with Wayne Wang

Chapter 8: The Butterfly Syndrome

The Difference is Scripts: Interview with Lisa Lu

Chapter 9: Suzie Wong: A Nancy Kwan Conundrum

Nothing Lasts Forever: Interview with Nancy Kwan

Chapter 10: Flower Drum Song: All Dancing! All Singing! All Asian (almost)

You Were Hot!: Interview with Nancy Kwan

A Guilty Pleasure: Interview with David Henry Hwang

I Wanted To Be All-American: Interview with Amy Tan

It Is What It Is: Interview with B.D. Wong

I Had No Aspirations of Being a Blond: Interview with James Shigeta

Profile: Myoshi Umeki

Profile: Jack Soo

Chapter 11: They Made Movies Then


Marion Wong

James B. Leong

Joseph Sunn Jue

Esther Eng

 Chapter 12: They Make Movies Now

I’m This Screwed-up Mix: Interview with Wayne Wang

Our Cultural Identities Evolve: Interview with Amy Tan

This Is What America Wants: Interview with Joan Chen

A Game of Chess: Interview with Justin Lin

Films Should Be Provocations: Interview with Ang Lee


Afterword by Janet Yang


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Technical Notes


Interview Dates and Locations